Our Results

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

In this field, we have provided our solutions and services for over 400 enterprises of light industry in the world with over 2 billion cubic meters of anaerobic biogas reclamation, over 4 billion cubic meters of industrial high-concentration organic wastewater treatment, over 2 billion cubic meters of regenerated water recycling, 6.5 million tons of total COD reduction and 1 million tons of COD emission reduction, which accelerates the upgrading and progress of light industry. 

●Food and Pharmacy——8000m³/d Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Project for Guilin Rhine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


This project adopted the anaerobic treatment system developed and manufactured by Bossco with the treatment capacity of 8000m³/d, influent COD amount of 5000mg/L, anaerobic effluent amount of COD300-400mg/L and removal rate of over 95%, aerobic effluent amount of COD50-80mg/L and removal rate of over 95%, the average COD content of the final effluent of less than 60mg/L, which is much less than the national industry emission standard. Moreover, the biogas producing capacity can be 450m³/h and the steam producing capacity can be 10t/h, which boosted the company development and production.

●Pulp and Papermaking—— 15500t/d Wastewater Treatment Project for Belarus Labor Hero Paper Mill 


This project adopted “pretreatment+UMAR anaerobic treatment+aerobic treatment+Fenton advanced    treatment+counterflow continuous sand filtration treatment” for the advanced treatment of papermaking wastewater, which ensured the qualified effluent drainage and realized the energy saving and consumption reducing purposes.

●Electronic Information——5000m³/d Wastewater Treatment Project for Quanzhou San'an Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd

In this project, we used our self-developed Low Pressure Jet A2/0 Process and Sand Filtration Treatment System for the treatment of acidic and alkaline wastewater and organic wastewater in opto-electronics industry. The final effluent quality met the classⅠdischarge standard of Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996). The technology used for this process system was awarded the Second Prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress in 2016. 

●Energy and Electricity——Complete Equipment for ED3 Wastewater Treatment Station of Liaoning Hongyan River Nuclear Power Station Phase II Engineering

Liaoning Hongyan River Nuclear Power Station, located in Hongyan River town of Wafangdian city, is the first nuclear power project approved during the 11th Five Year Plan as well as the first nuclear power station in the northeast region of China. The complete wastewater treatment equipment we provided met the demands of 3600m³/d wastewater treatment and 2400t/d reclaimed water advanced treatment for this engineering. This project is the first project in fields of nuclear power to recycle the double membrane.