Waste gas treatment

First, the traditional smoke control technology

1. Efficient dust removal technology

According to the different dusty flue gas and its characteristics produced in China's industrial field, Bosch has developed a variety of high-efficiency dedusting equipment such as high-temperature electrostatic precipitators, bag filters, wet electrostatic precipitators and cyclones.

2. Flue gas denitration technology

In response to industrial NOx emission reduction, Bosch has successfully developed various high-efficiency flue gas denitration technologies such as B-SCR technology, B-SNCR technology and B-SNCR + SCR joint technology. The technology can be applied to the purification of flue gas nitrogen oxides of coal-fired units, industrial boilers, industrial furnaces, etc. in thermal power, building materials, sugar production and other industries.

3. Flue gas desulfurization technology

In response to industrial SO2 emission reduction, Bosch has fully absorbed and learned from domestic and foreign related technologies, and developed various high-efficiency flue gas desulfurization technologies such as limestone-gypsum method, spray drying method and circulating fluidized bed semi-dry method.