Clean production technology and equipment supply

Bosch Branch applies the comprehensive prevention environmental protection strategy to the production process, adopts clean production to curb from the source, reduces pollution special discharge, and achieves a win-win situation for enterprise benefits and environmental protection. The large-scale chlorine dioxide preparation system independently researched and developed by the company has been successfully industrialized and successfully entered the world, effectively reducing the environmental pollution caused by pulp bleaching and promoting the clean production of the paper industry. The company also developed a clean and efficient chloric acid. Chemical production technologies such as sodium, potassium chlorate, hydrogen peroxide, potassium perchlorate, sulfur dioxide, chlorine-consuming products (strong chlorine, bleaching powder and epichlorohydrin) provide strong technical support for the upgrading of paper and related chemical industries. .

The chlorine dioxide preparation system is the key equipment and technology for ECF bleaching. Bosch has successfully developed two series of chlorine dioxide preparation systems, the methanol method (BSC-M) and the comprehensive method (BSC-C), for pulp bleaching. The basic economic and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level and have been successfully exported overseas. In addition to maintaining a leading position in the technical field, Bosch BSC chlorine dioxide preparation system and related chemical engineering also has the characteristics of low investment cost, short project construction period, safe and reliable operation and convenient after-sales service.